Futile Altar – Memories Of Past Disillusionment


It was no more than happenstance
That caused two wandering souls
To briefly meet – the purest chance
That she gave me a second glance
How strangely Fate’s bell tolls.

It seems to me we shared some times
That only my heart treasures
Mine alone calls them sublime
Enough to try and make them rhyme
And precious beyond measure.

How mystifying our Maker’s mind
To smile at such imbalance
My voice with hers briefly entwined
Only, in the end, to find
The song had no resonance.

Love can surely only croon
The most elusive odes
It seems at first the perfect tune
But discord creeps in all too soon
The harmony erodes.

The most impassioned love song dies
The lustiest voice must falter
When it finds that its sacrifice
Is viewed with cold, indifferent eyes
Upon a futile altar.

So fare thee well, my unmoved muse
God grant your heart’s desire
He gives us all the power to choose
There are no techniques one can use
To set a stone on fire…