Goa Vacation Survival Guide

So, you’re going on a Goa vacation. You’ve made an online booking in what may be the last of the decently priced hotels in Goa, have your flight tickets in your hand and are raring to go. Goa beach culture – here you come!

Good for you. I salute your prudence and good taste. To be sure, there aren’t many options that compare to a Goa vacation. You’ve made an excellent choice. I love Goa, and recommend it highly over India’s other beach-based tourist destinations. Kerala’s Kovalam? Gimme a break. Mumbai’s Juhu? You’ve GOT to be kidding me. Lakshadweep? Hey, I thought you want to be where the ACTION is!!

So, your plane lands at Dabolim Airport. Or your train pulls into Margaon Station. Or your bus wheezes to a halt a Panjim. Or you’ve survived a self-driven car journey and are trying to figure out if this IS Panjim or just another of those towns with pseudo-Portuguese names that you’ve passed through. Read the hoardings and see what area the joints they advertise are at, dummy. Don’t tell me you can’t see all those Dantesque monstrosities that vie for your attention. Eat that lobster platter. Drink that beer. Take that pleasure cruise down the Mandovi River. Move into that Goa resort, because no other resort even comes NEAR in terms of ‘tropical ambience’, hospitality, facilities, cuisine (don’t bother looking for the room rates, though).

(Read the complete article on http://www.goa-beach.com/goa-vacation-survival-guide.htm)

6 thoughts on “Goa Vacation Survival Guide

  1. Why, after reading this article on the do’s and dont’s in Goa am I still raring to go to Goa? I’ll be at Zalor beach: as virgin as any beach can get!! I will be drinking Urak and having Sorpotel and tongue masala and shinaneos. (Mussels). Im brushing up on my konkani, and will be entitled to call most everyone Patrao!!

    Besides what I’ve said above this is one of the best articles I have read about Goa! Keep them coming Arun!!

    Uncle Claver

  2. Hey Russel,
    Zalor Beach is a few kms south of Benaulim beach. It is where the Ramada and Club Mahindra are. Check it out!!


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